It's April 1945 - follow Dutch boy Evert on a gruelling journey to find his brother

Evert is a typical 13-year-old boy: he loves his mother, playing practical jokes, and vlogging every minute of his day on social media. The only difference is it’s 1945, and he’s about to go on a journey across The Netherlands – with smartphone in hand – to find his missing brother.

Evert_45 is a digital storytelling campaign designed to fuse together online and offline worlds, and communicate historically important accounts to a new generation whose experiences are part-digital, part-real. Users can follow Evert’s journey in an immersive and captivating online experience, through imagined Instagram and YouTube content carefully crafted from interviews with WWII veterans, historians and teachers.

Inspired by a Dutch newspaper article on elderly resistance fighters titled, ‘It’s Up To You To Keep This Story Alive’, the campaign seeks to immortalise the powerful stories of our past – connecting those who were young in 1945 with those who are young today. Within weeks of the campaign’s launch, Dutch children had engaged in over 1.3 million minutes worth of history lessons. Mission accomplished.

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